Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Better an enthusiast photographer than an incompetent engineer.

This is my second lesson from Baba Ranchor dhaas. If you have forgotten, let me remind you of my first lesson under the name Make Kids Abler, Success will follow, I wrote about how trying to make understand the real meanings of things which could be so otherwise behind the beautiful lines, and how one mustn’t just study to become like machine but study to understand and become a better human. And for the ones, who haven’t watched 3 Idiots, I once again urge you to watch it. I repeat that you won’t regret for taking this advice of mine while I won’t be regretting giving you.
Farhan wants to become a photographer, but his dad has sealed his fate to be an engineer the moment he was born. The likes of his interest in photograph has created confusion and invisible confrontation in his conscience between his own enthusiasm and his father’s wish of becoming him an engineer. This particular unseen fight within him makes him compromise his own interest. He lives his life with a fear of having to live a life his parents wants for him of which the obvious repercussions were him not doing very good in engineering. He might have become an enthusiast and better photographer than suffering as an incompetent engineering student.
While the above so called sad story of a person may be from a movie, but it has nothing so impractical comparing it to our lives; most of the people land up doing something while they dream of doing of some other thing. If there is any survey carried out, it would obviously come out such a dramatically inclined curve towards the people who do not like doing what they are doing against the people who enjoy doing what they are doing. And let’s not forget, I am not even talking about people who are not good at what they are doing. And this business starts from its early stage.
How many parents of ours really know what children really are good at? How many know or even try to ask if they don’t, that what children wants to do in life?  Isn’t becoming a photographer good for parents than an engineer even if they never asked you whether you like doing engineering or not? Or most parents think they know better for us children than we do for ourselves? Is it better to live life as an incompetent engineer than an enthusiast photographer? Isn’t it good to be a passionate painter than an incapable doctor?
Within few weeks from now, the results for class twelve students will come out. It’s the time when many students gets their fate sealed. Some get what they acquired, some get what their parents can afford, some do not even have luxury to try any of these opportunities but only few get what they are really interested in doing. And same will be the case with class tenth students; whether you are interested in history or becoming a journalist, your parents and even teachers would force you to take up science. During our days, people took science because the senior students who studied science got absorbed in one thing or the other, but these days even science students do not have the same green pasture as we had. When the graze is more, its time someone find a new land. How would it be possible to get good competing students if the ones who are good at arts and don’t have ambition of becoming doctor or engineer are forced or brainwashed to take up science subjects? Didn’t we lose the better journalists, lawyers, historians and economists in the process of singly draining all the students?

There was so much counseling on career options in school. I remember myself wanting to become computer engineering. And when I reached class tenth, I thought becoming a journalist would suit my interest in literature, but then I was pretty good at mathematics that I end up wanting to become engineer when I got into higher secondary school. And finally when my class twelve result came out, I qualified for architecture course on merit basis. Most of the students who gave orientation for the scholarships our government provided, wanted to do architecture, and I was few lucky ones who got enrolled to pursue architecture for my bachelor degree. And when I actually started doing architecture, it was not at all mathematics that I imagined. I scrapped off an opportunity to do mathematics honor for architecture which made so much noise by then. And I now I regret sometimes when I don’t really understand so much of architecture than mathematics I would have understood. In the schools the career counseling that I was a part of, didn’t really made me understand the architecture course. I don’t have any other choices left than to suffer and bear the brunt of doing architecture. It’s getting tougher for me to try understanding it.
If someone can be so much wrong about choosing his own life, how can others decide the life of someone? Architect doesn’t mean that your son or daughter would be someone with money and great life, he or she may end up designing some crappy structures only for your insisting of him or her taking up architecture because you have the luxury to make your kids do architecture. Doctor would end up killing patients, how can someone just do MBBS without enough enthusiasm and brain?
It’s a major issue for both parents and child to really understand what he or she wants to do in your life. Its at least better to do what you are really interested in doing. It guarantees the best of the work you are into, even if not, there is the great passion to improve it and learn to make it better.  And even the children, it’s not so late to dare speak up your mind about your choices and interest before your parents end up talking to you about neighbor’s son who is doing MBBS, and it will be scary that you have catch the same oar even if you don’t like doing one at the cost of your own likes.
Its always better one lives the life one chooses than ending up blaming others for putting you in the wrong boat.


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