Friday, January 14, 2011

Me, my boyfriend, ex-boy friend and another man!

Before I really start this post, I would like to apologize to you all for deleting my post on the story of Wangmo. I am working on it, and I thought it would be better that I post after doing final and thorough edit and help (which I am getting from few fellow blogger and writers abroad). I will post whole story when I complete it. Till then, be kind with me to read my short posts.
Recently to cover up few expenses and to make best out of my holidays, I have joined a landscape office. Though the base office is some 10 kilometers from my hostel, I was placed at site which was, to my utter surprise, 37 kilometers away from my hostel. And not to mention how I have to wake up at in the morning, and wait for the company bus on road. I don’t remember when is the last time I woke up at such hour after coming to college. I am laughing at my own pathetic and foolish situation. Of course there’s no better opportunity right now for me than getting a chance to work with American architects. And it’s a big project-Jaypee Sports City.
So today in the morning, as usual I and my friend were in the bus that picks up the workers from the way. Since most of the time, we used to sleep off till we get to the office. He is a very silent guy, in fact more than reserved person. It’s his 9th month and I have seen myself having more gossip and chatting with the office colleagues than him. He is a senior to me by a year, but he failed his fourth year, so we were repeating in same class. He is repeating only one subject. So, he is not so acquainted with the class which consisted of mostly my batch.
Mostly in the class there are students who don’t do much but when there’s anything like discussion, there are people who speak a loud, they don’t tend to give a shit about -Deeds are louder to speech. Our class sessions were always discussion-sometimes with faculty and sometimes with whole class.
“Miss Y and her boyfriend, Mr. X are so irritating in the class.” He said.
“Yeah!” I looked at him with disbelief and said, “They pretend as if they know everything.
“There are others also in your batch that fall under their category.”
I laughed. “I know!”
“She dated Mr. Z also, right?”
“Ya! She stayed with him for few months before she ended up with Mr. X.”
“Do you know she was with Mr. P as well?”
Mr. P is from his batch.
“I don’t know about that.”
Our boring usual bus journey has become suddenly interesting. Who doesn’t like to gossip, and especially when it’s about college lovers. I don’t mean to be naughty (hahaha).
“During our college festival in second year, Mr. Z was driving with Mr. X on the other seat.”
“And Ms. Y?”
“She was smooching Mr. P at the back seat!”
We both burst into laughter. People in the bus must be sleeping; they didn’t seem to be bothered with the noise.
“Holy fish!” I was still laughing, it was the best treat in such a boring journey and I asked after gathering myself, “Mr. X was not bothered about the scene?”
“That time, she broke up with Mr. Z and she was not dating Mr.X.”
“That’s interesting looking at present context of Mr. X being with her, huh?”
We again had another share of burst.
“Ya, She was with her present boyfriend Mr. X, her ex-boyfriend Mr.Z and another man, Mr. P.”


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