Friday, December 10, 2010

Thank you for Blogging!

I always had this dream of putting things between the lines; it lets me keep the moments alive and ignite the rested thoughts. I began enjoying it ever since I remember. There used to be some of my friends who used to take tuition classes in primary school. I was in class four. I used to look with a much curiosity at them from outside. The teacher noticed me one day and the next thing I was doing was writing essays about anything he asked me. When I started brewing the smells of love with growing life, I spent many times writing love letters sometimes to serve my own craving heart and sometimes to my friends. I can remember only one club I used to get enrolled in during the school days and that was literary club most of the time. I was a literary captain in middle school. I had this wonderful opportunity to work on producing the weekly magazine that published few numbers of articles collected from the other members. I still feel somewhat withdrawn to come clean on the fact that I once published a love letter which I wrote it under unidentified writer. We actually landed up earning few amounts through selling the magazines which we donated to the patients of nearby hospital.
It’s been so many years of journey and I know that it won’t end. Now with the blog, it’s been very simple for me to bring out online and learn lot about improving it and of course learning from it. Its been almost an active year since I seriously started to pen down (actually type it down) many things which I felt good to share with other people. I get to read other’s and learn from it as well. Today I follow many bloggers around the world, though most of the time I interact so closely with Bhutanese bloggers.
Passu sir has a dream about Lungtenzampa. The pride and historical name the bridge carries is more marred with the outrageous dumb engineering skill. And it truly makes no less a good journal of an ordinary Bhutanese.   Luzee sings her heart out, and the song crafted with so many beautiful lines. And I guess Luzee has her heart not anymore hidden with such songs. There is Aurora, a poetess full of life. Clothed with attires of golden lines, the feelings portrayed tremble to speak a language everyone shall get mused and she dons every bit of beautiful things, that the adornments shall leave any surprised. Her words truly are worth millions. Kinga has been living with photographs which carry many special hours of life captured in time her dad was a proud owner of a camera bought from Jaigoan, and now she ponders the intention behind our politician’s decision of not incrementing the pay rise in their own salary. She writes these things to the God with certain glimmer of hope. Kuenza, lately took me engrossed into her thoughts on GNH. She makes GNH possible and attached in everything we do and in everything we can do. Her Diary is full of beautiful articles about love, relationship, philosophy and Life.  
Dorji Wangchuk, a man revered more and has earned more in life. It’s a great pleasure to have his thoughts and ideas published online. I am one lucky followers of his blog. He embodies nothing less than a true son of dragon. And there is a Dragon tale echoing as far as States, Sonam Ongmo fights every injustice to humanity and involves in every social issues human confront. Penstar is with the mentality of doing just once for ourselves not to show others but with purpose and cause. Ganzin, She puts up things of experience, of thoughts, of people, of politics (perhaps sometimes) and of love.  And there are so many. I am sorry I would like to keep it short (hahha..i guess its too long already). I would like to request those bloggers (whom I may have forgotten to put up) to keep things coming on in your niche, I would very much like to read and learn from you. The window should open now, the reflections have to come out right out of your heart, and keep the journey alive.
We are known through this one particular medium which we may call as our own feelings carved out in the form of letters or some online book called as Blog, it’s either way that which makes us known to each other.  
My writings keep me accompanied and busy, not to mention how I may be informing people, appeasing them of certain entertainment or sometimes hurting through unknown form (but it doesn’t deter me to not to write, I will always keep it going, and doesn’t hesitate how bad I am trod-ding, one day I will make to the end with so many things to share and of course having shared so many).
P.S: Sorry to the bloggers I mentioned above for not taking your due permission. I hope you people will forgive me if in any way I have offended you. By the way thank you for blogging!

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  1. fortunately u forgot to mention me...haha...kidding , nice writing, i like the way u write,,,keep going dude..wishes

  2. hey sonam...sorry dude.....but i would certainly in future,,,,now i am following your blog...i didnt know about it sorry....

  3. Thanks you for bringing me up in your summary of bloggers. Readers like you inspire me though I have nothing extraordinary to offer. In your list of bloggers I find some of my best bloggers to... I don't, however, see one of the best among us- Yeshey Dorji.
    You are in my list of fav.!

  4. @passu are welcome
    i would say that its so much an extraordinary to actually keep our ordinary things alive and celebrate it as some extraordinary