Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What is this new year bringing new in your life?

I began writing a story of my own when I was in first year. It was a story near to my heart. I could have written so much about, but soon I began to realize that there is so much to know about. Just having content wasn’t enough. Then I came to know about this blogging. It was so easy to publish what I want to share.
Today this is my fiftieth post here. With posts from some personal feelings to some stories, today I am a proud writer who however explored more of me more than I ever did. These writings have dragged me to the deepest wrath of burdening exploration to sentimental persuasion of things around me. Some posts are blatantly bad, while few are crude in its language but I claim they are the best to my own capability and love.
My posts here have been with me through thick and thin. Their companies will always be cherished throughout my life.
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However the bad, life’s been, it still deserve a good deal of gratitude for the good things we had. Personally, 2010 was a big year to me. Of so many unexpected things caught my feet, but those stumbling blocks were equally pressed down with some happy things in life. I escaped so many harsh things while few beautiful things I lost. It’s time to forget and wait for another year. So folks, I wish you a great new year ahead. Let’s hope, we would be rich with so many things to share here amongst ourselves.
It was in 2004, I was in class ten. We needed to give our bio-data to BBE. Because I had an uncle who was holding a big post in government civil service, I got my identity card without having to submit a form which I need to get from a village gup. However, in the identity card, my age was increased by a year. There was no mentioning of date and a month. So here, my class teacher asks me what’s the date and the day I was born? I tell him that in my identity card, my age is been increased by a year. And there's no date and a day.
He takes a chalk and on a board, he writes “30 th December or 31 st December” and asks me “You need to have a date and a day. So which one of these two dates, you prefer?
After scratching my head, I think for sometime without knowing what to do with it.
“Moreover, the first dates of a new year are almost near to these two dates. It doesn’t change anything”
I knew it, that it doesn’t change anything except that I don’t know when was I exactly born, and now I am here getting a new birthday (hahahaha). First my uncle made me aged by an age and now my sir gives birth to me by giving me the new birthday dates.
“30 th December, sir”, since then, I am born on this day when the year ends.Spare me if i am being stupid here (hahahaha).
So as for me, it’s a new beginning at this day of a year. I am becoming older by a year. 

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