Friday, December 3, 2010

4th year Housing in Architecture Course

One of the major submissions we have to pass as an architecture student-Housing. Me and two of my friends (Chimi and Jamyang) grouped to do it as a team work. we have been doing it since the beginning of the semester. It ended Today with the external jury.

These are the photographs of our model.

The project is meant for housing 1000 families of different income group. The site location is in Unnao, UP.
 We integrated community centre and commercial spaces in the ground floors. The Lake infront of the site was nice element to the site. And the design all faces towards it.

 Top View. 

From the backside. We have a highway on the left and the commercial areas are easily accessible by residents and outsiders both.
3-D view

Chimi posing with the final model after external jury.

Jamyang with the model.

And thats finally me. Its like we are almost done through 4th year.
This thing here is not just a work of three of us, its all those friends of ours who helped us in reaching to this final product. Thank you SPARTANS:
Because of you guys, we are here with


  1. It looks like one part of the City in New York. So nice

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    check us out..

    as a toke of gratitude for following us were giving you this award..hope you like it..
    have fun blogging

  4. Bravo!!!..well done....n its for certain that you and your friends' hardship will be paid in reality!!!once again..good job!! and congrats!!

  5. i had a very hard time cutting the balconies but it was funny huh....i never thought that when different parts were assembled together there will be a beautiful thing that's it then three cheers to 4th years, u r almost done with this semester...

  6. Hi Guyz,
    Nice work. Try to incorporate the traditional architectural elements on the facade. And prove that the same building can be built in Bhutan as well.

  7. Ur in an architecture field? cool!!...
    Architecture was in one of my list of career choice.

    What's the hardest thing so far as an architecture student?
    Calculations? Creativity? Good grades?

  8. @Gina..thanks for visting and commenting...i would say u surely missed the sweet pain torture as an architecture student...but then architecture is exciting and adventurous....

    architecture needs so much dedication and commitment. you need to do hell lot of things,,,,

  9. Wooooooooooooooow Sogyal, what an achievement... unbelievably stunning. I can't imagine Bhutanese students doing such great you guys are national treasure. Come back and build Bhutan your way...
    Bhutan is waiting!

  10. @ Passu Sir thank you. it was a work that took so many nights and so many pain....but we finally did manage to come with this much....thank you for commenting and hope that we can live upto your expectations..cheers:)

  11. HI SOGYEL. m following you here's my link

  12. paaaaaaaaaaaa jis wai.....i am sure u guys will make free of cost for mi house design....

  13. really a great job bros...
    keep up and gud luk for ur trainings

  14. Impressive Sonam! Poor as I can be, I never got that talent of art. But am compensated with the heart to appreciate. Whoa, you guys have worked hard! Congrats.

    By the way, keep blogging. I am reading your write-ups.

  15. @ Latika..thanks for following, i am also following you.
    @Sithup...would love to do but with some bargained amount lol
    @jamtsho.......thank you bro
    @Luzee,,,thank you so much. and all that we need is a good heart to always makes someone strive to do better

  16. thats too good...keep ur good sprit