Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The story of 3 eggs that teaches you lot more lessons of life

This is a very short parable. My friend told me this as a joke in one of our casual talks in the college campus. It is a joke about three eggs.
There were three eggs on the top of the table. They decided to jump on the floor down.
The first egg jumped but it landed without getting broken. Reason: It knew the technique.
The next thing was another egg following the jumping. It also landed unbroken. Reason: It copied the first one.
And finally the third one jumped but broke upon landing. Reason: IT WAS OVER CONFIDENT!
The moral that I drew out are:
1. Confidence is good, but little more than confidence becomes overconfidence and it is no more a good thing. There is a problem common among us. We take so much of others so low and predictable while we keep ours so much as high as one can actually end up being able to chew it up. And often many fail. It just wasn’t so easy. It just wasn’t something I imagined to be thin and straight. It was something bigger, something bigger than we actually supposed ourselves being able to do it without so much a hard work and passion. Confidence means that you are sure about yourself being able to take it the other thing in whatsoever manner it comes. It builds you positive energy. It makes you trust the things you know about it. But overconfidence makes you underestimate the person you are going to deal with, the exam you are going to appear in, the deal you are going to sign in, and it leaves you in abject disbelief and self-shame at the end.
2. Do not try to copy if you don’t know how to paste. And how many of us today do that????? This has become a trend. There is so much as plagiarism as copyright. It’s so easy to actually open the fridge and eat up the washed apple than to go to market, look for it, bargain, buy, and clean to put it in fridge. It wastes no time and it tastes same. But there is a sense of pride in coming up with something of our own. It gives so much a self-confidence and delight. You are actually glad and fulfilled. But if you end up with someone’s tea in your cup, and you are asked about the ingredients and the procedure, the tea that tasted sweet would soon be wished as a sour when it actually puts you up in confusion and dumbness. One should give a thought before he denies of reinventing the wheel.
3. Nothing is granted. Everything has its own price. One need not even take luck as granted. It doesn’t come always without any price. We trust so much in fluke at times. Of course we land up sometimes in such circumstances where we can’t do anything than to trust for something to come out and clear the situation. And it does happen sometime, but not always.

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  1. How old are you?? Your generation continues to shock me with your kind of thoughts..why can't I be like this???

  2. Thank you.....dont are the most awesomest person who ever visited my blogs...your comments gives me motivation and inspirations to try writing nicely worthy of your time and effort