Monday, August 9, 2010

I owe lot to Yebilaptsa , thank you dear school.

The guy in the right place with right people always wins the right battles. And same is true vice versa. I was brought up in Bumthang. The tinsel town not large enough than a small village in some developed country, the place known for its serene beauty and untouched pristine of nature, the subtle place blessed with sacred holies, I was no doubt in the best place. But for a kid who was growing up, and the fact that parents could not give much time towards the better upbringing of a kid, the clutch of western influence through television gradually began to make me not so good boy. I used to bring up a good result while I was in lower classes. That too like waning moon, it began to disappear. I could sometime land up being involved in fight, and it was routine that I get home so late. There was a shop in the market, and despite that school warns against students caught up playing snooker, and caramboard, I always walked late through the silent nights spending my whole day there with other fellow street goers. The repercussion was so obvious when I nearly failed in science subject in class eight board exams. My parents, on the contrary, were always confident that I would make it pass whatsoever, howsoever. I don’t blame them. They were at the pressure of adversity, and it was tough for them to raise five of us with proper care through his meager salary. 
Photo Courtesy :Yebilaptsa Mss/facebook
Much as fate has it, I was asked to get a seat at Yebilaptsa Middle Secondary School. My dad left his old job and took a new one with a new company. So he was based in Tingtibi, so that’s how I landed up seeking admission in Yebilaptsa. The place was so different. Though I passed many times through it as and when I visit my village, it was a new experience. The place, the school, the students, the teachers, the hostel, the food, and the weather, everything was a new. And I was of course new as they were to me. I took sometime though to get feel at home. My parents were away to Wangdue, so I got into a hostel. The life was another thing, by then. It was changing to something. I never had an idea that I was making something happen in life, something that would make me feel proud of what I have I done, something on which I can proudly pay my gratitude to the teachers who made me into this person who I was not before I met them. Thank you, dear school.

Life changes so fast. It was faster than anything that ever happened in my life. I began to study well, and come out with good results. Soon, there was a confidence amongst teachers that I can do. I was feeling the presence of whole lucky mascots of my life around me trying to build my empire of happy, successful and grateful life. I learnt so many things at Yebilaptsa. It’s a point where I had a complete U-turn in my life. The literature, mathematics, science, history, and in all subjects, I was full of enthusiasm. And it happened because I was with a right group of people at the right place on right time. I wish I could say thousand words which though couldn’t really be suffice to explain you all’s good proportion of contribution in my life. It was a splendid experience. Life was becoming really big. I have captured so many immeasurable memories. And it owes a great deal of gratitude to all of you. Thank you teachers, thank you friends, and thank you school. I will always cherish these things in my life, it’s a special feeling.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"Wat is a chance 4 me if I like u?.... :) ”

Fiddling with the mobile for some hours now. Had enough of it. Had enough of making my mind to ask her. It was disturbing, yet it was making me feel special. It was getting through all my nerves. I wished so much that my nerves donot end up sending messages to my heart. But it was a special feeling: one that couldn’t be resisting to not to follow my heart. I was ready to ignore the fact that I hardly know her: just one proper outing and a casual meeting. But the love was in the air. I was breathing it.  It’s happening again. It was undeniable. There was nothing that I could rationalize myself to not to fall for her. She appeared so open and independent woman. I always hoped that I meet someone who respects her own choices so much and lives fully to enjoy those preferences while she doesn’t rule out the knowledge of other person’s choices she is dealing with. I have always liked someone who is smart. She seems to have all.
Love is actually very strange. It doesn’t leave you out even from liking someone you hardly knows. It sometimes makes you realize after knowing eachother for decades or so. It happens. I had these strange feelings. It’s of course a different thing about how I happened to meet her. She was wearing that white frock with black spots over it. It was something so coincidental that we knew eachother quite rightly after making a rendezvous. I never thought that it would drag me to become a servant of my feelings for her. Until she understands and takes as my love for her, these feelings do not really stand as an independent-meaningful one. They are just a crap that could be coming right at my face, if at all she doesn’t take things along my line. Well, as of now while I write these thoughts of mine which could rather be understood as my love for her, I lovingly hope that there will be a pleasant fragrance of germination of love if not a very good friendship. The exchange of gifts. Well, I was, not just little but mostly, dumb. I didn’t have anything to gift her back as a return gift for her gift. That was the time when I thought, I should invite her for a dinner. Since she was in a hurry to leave for her home right in the early next morning, I called after we departed that we should have a dinner or so.
The rain. Thimphu was raining like cats and dogs, and I was loving every bit of it. Rain makes things appear more romantic. And to add to the brewing romanticism happening in and around me, she was drenched with drizzling.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Architecture....from a line to a wall

Architecture…..Achitecture….Architecture……I am all lost. Everyday not less than few hundred times, I have to either listen to this word called “architecture”, and it’s kind of become one last shadow in my life that would never leave me alone. The shadow so real and so confronting. The shadow so promising and so frustrating. The shadow so unfulfilled and so unreached. The shadow so bleak and so apparent. The shadow so standing and so lazy. The shadow so interesting and so innovative. The architecture has become everything to me now and in everything that I do, I do architecture in my own ways not so obvious to the ones I deal with in day to day life though. Of course I don’t regret the fact that I joined this profession without knowing much about it. But that’s the best part I believe that ever happened in my life. I would have never stepped into this trade if I had known that architecture takes hell out of you, and makes you so confronted, stooped, lowly, and sad when things just don’t go my way. I would have never dared to make myself do things that sometimes do not have a value to stand but architects give them a foundation to rests with certain justifications and reasons. I would have never thought of being in a group where everyone has an opinion to debate for, and the session never stops to make everyone satisfied with each other. Architects are one species who try to do things that do not exist, and we come out having created it. Today I feel a sense of pride when I say people that I am doing ARCHITECTURE. Of course the term is really big, so big enough to claim that it’s everything that is there in universe.  I perhaps feel good because the name sounds so BIG, and so BEAUTIFUL.  Architects are always been thought as creative creatures, as professionals who do things on their own and end up having changed from a unit called man to the mass. It’s a pride, a universal pride that you own.
There is no stop to learning and the statement holds its firm reality when it comes to architecture. The creative field as it is, the ideas change with times, and as ideas change, the intellectuals are born, new things come up. Engineering enhances to next level, architecture changes to another thing of its own creation. There is non-stop process happening in it. Man can go on and learn till you stop your intuition to determinately deny learning. Architecture is like non-stop ribbon. It can take you to the end without reaching it; you get furthermore with another step you take to cover.  The process of creating is Godliness. Its general belief that world is a creation of God, and that’s why we sometimes call that God is an architect. And the very process that began from him, today that is in the form of architecture. The new spaces are all creation of architects. We build environments, (at least to say ignoring that for certain degree, the statement doesn’t hold true). It’s a subjective thought, and in architecture, everything is presented in practical which started as a piece of thought. So as subjective as your thoughts are, you get a chance to make people believe and come in line with you.
I am in the middle of the architecture course. Its actually so academic to say that I will finish my course in next two years. Architecture doesn’t end; there is no stop to it. It goes on and on. You can only be the part of the revolution that transforms it and conserves to take it next level. My journey has taught me many things.  Right from being able to know what we desire to the ways in which our thoughts be converted to the reality, architecture has become a truth, a real one. Today I could understand the link between architecture and the man. Many people may take architecture to be the process of designing buildings. The very fact that that building which architects design can actually change the whole environment, whole social outlook, and the whole system of functioning of the life of any individual involved, very less people understand it. Even to begin with the scratch involves so many thoughts and ideas. The idea that architects has to think whole issue on social status, economy, political situation, human psychology, historical heritage, technology, human attitude towards the very function the building is going to serve, the whole lot than I could pen down, architecture has a vast link with anything that man considers so important to himself. Tremendous things can happen and that’s the very thing that is architecture. Many think that architects are money making machines, forgetting that architects are the ones who are actually servants to any individual’s idea or wish. Architects sometimes sadly function as a tool, though. From considering the way man uses toilets to the lifts, I have covered in my studies so far. The brick that appears nothing more than a red building material, taught me many things in the first years. It was like everything that I drew on the sheet, has a promise to become a wall or a building. Making drawings, the tool to explain the concepts behind the design, and timeless debates, discussions, and research make architecture not everyone’s cup of tea. It involves so many nights of research, so many days of discussions, and so many hours of converting ideas on to the sheet which could finally become a building on the ground. Architecture makes people go mad, when you think too much; you are bound to appear like someone who is just lost in his subconscious mind.
Hopefully, I may be lucky enough to learn many things, and much architecture. My journey with the architecture so far has been adventurous, challenging, discovering and interesting. And the best thing about architecture is that given that you follow certain aforementioned rules, you can create your own set of rules to define your architecture. You become a master of your own ideas, and I wonder how many professions out there let you use your own instincts and ideas to serve other people’s needs. And eventually make your own destiny: I am an Architect of my own Life.
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