Friday, February 1, 2013

Best movies of 2012

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Here are my best movies of 2012

i read the book long time back when i was in second year (2008). My design faculty recommended the book and coincidentally i was on a ship sailing around Laskshadweep islands. And recently was watching this movie, Life of Pi. But i still don't get which one's the true story of Pi, the one with Richard Parker or the other. 

 Vidya Balan once said that she is the only "khan" amongst the actresses and no wonder that she's damn right about what she said. Kahaani literally leaves one dumbstruck when at the end we are caught up in an unexpected twist to the whole journey of a pregnant woman  looking for her lost husband. 

With Japan's invasion of China, the mercenary ( played by Christian Bale ) finds himself with a big and dangerous situation of saving the girls from the church from the Japanese soldiers. And a bunch of prostitutes interestingly add a flavor to the movie. Its a Chinese movie by the way.

 This one's a hardcore action from Quentin Tarantino with Jamie Fox, Chritoph Waltz and Leonardo in a lead role. The movie uncharacteristically is a action movie running over a soft romantic story of Jamie Fox and his lost wife. This movie also proves why one should watch hollywood movies by director unlike bollywood which goes by a lead actor.

Here's the best that i still can't get over with. Was in Delhi collecting my probation certificate that movie happened to be released in theater. The excitement and the environment that it created was so awesome that i also felt like clapping when the movie ended together with other moviegoers. The trilogy of batman ended in such a epic manner. Even such a simple fiction, Christopher Nolan directed in a such a awesome manner. Of course he's other movies like Inception, Prestige, Memento, were all good but this one's the greatest of all. 

So this is it, my favorite movies of 2012.  What are yours?
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