Friday, January 20, 2012

Youth and youthful follies

Remember the words of our beloved His Majesty the king that future of the country rests in the hands of our youth who would become the citizens of tomorrow? Well, one should as it has become nonetheless the most spoken of slogans in school speeches, Dashos’ addressing, principals’ advises, and of course a pet line for a blogger like me to even begin my post on youth and related subjects. And most ironically, we are today in an age where youth problems have not only become a common problem but also has threatened the safety of many other around. It’s no mystery or a joke for that matter if a fully grown up man is scared to walk alone in night around the street corners. Personally my parents would always caution me even when I am late by few hours at home in the evening. And they are not being strict parents but a concerned folks shaken up by the stories of youthful follies, crimes and incidents floating around frequently in papers and of course in talks around the neighborhood.
In a week, there are lots and lots of incidences where out of fight, a young man is stabbed or wounded, and it is just as frequent as any unwelcome guest. The society is threatened of its peace and even worse sometimes when a source that which threatens your neighbor is but your own son. Through my personal experience, I am sometimes haunted by the thoughts of an acquaintance who was stabbed in Lobesa and succumbed to death later on in Punakha hospital. Its unbelievable, my friends that yesterday you were talking, joking and having a fun with a person and today he is killed by certain young guy who was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. And such trend has now picked up at an alarming rate, and it’s something that which should worry everyone before like a cursed plague, it starts contaminating the whole civilization.
It’s becoming a trend as if it’s something that should spread to become a culture. Our lives are threatened not by the bombs of terrorist attacks but definitely much more alarming than it, the acts of our younger generations. The parenting and schooling is now called upon for extra responsibilities and not only them, even ourselves as a part of the society who have in some ways contributed in building such threatening youth nuisance is called upon to start thinking of making younger generations a crop of tomorrow’s citizen as envisioned by the King.
Youths of Bhutan are in stabbing spree, and we are still not wondering about the ones who let the dogs out? If we are threatened to roam around in the city, then its always wiser to groom the ones in our house to a better person so that he doesn’t go before you and you get scared to move around. If charity starts from house, then misfortune also begins from it.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Race to the 'End of the World in 2012'

The end has already begun to appear near. It’s unimaginable that I am talking about here. Yes, my friends, end of blogging, end of reading, end of writing, end of life, end of everything-The End of the World 2012. If we are to believe that certain section of natives of South Mexico, Mayans notably or perhaps mysteriously understood to have predicted many major events in the world already, then world ends in 2012 as per their PREDICTION. It is largely based on the mysterious reason which is baffling to the world as to why they ended their calendar on 21st December, 2012.
However, like many people, I don’t want to die, at least not before I give back the most to the ones who served me so far. Yes, I wouldn’t like to end my life with the end of world in 2012. And moresoever, I don’t believe this superstition driven hoax of some ancient faith. There are more scientific to many things around, let alone the world, in fact even manufacturing a single needle is much more than engineering. And we are battling an unimaginable event by virtue of which, it would led to the end of the world and that on the secrets unknown to the science.
However, just for fun, I have put up the timer (check out on the left column of my blog page), a race towards the end. Let’s just pray that I would be alive with all of you on 22nd December 2012. We will celebrate of being alive...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

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