Friday, June 17, 2011

Journaling; why one’s life is worth recording? Lesson from Robin Sharma

We live in a complex world where disorder, chaos and stress come with every time we shift from being to doing. The pill for this complexity is to make life simpler and live the way it comes. Our life is so much planned and scheduled that we are always dumped in the world of busyness and extreme desire. Free flow, a state where one has the awareness of present moment, is what becomes first of the many practices for self care for the more balanced, relaxed and playful life. Enjoying and celebrating the simple things around the world lasts longer.
Second practice for self-care that one is encouraged with is to integrate life in daily practice of journaling. The discourse to deepen and renew ourselves is worth realizing in recording the life which is worth living.
                   “…every morning before I go surfing, I take some time to do my ‘daily pages,’ as I call them. I write about the tale of my life and the way it’s unfolding. I write about my longings that remain unfulfilled and celebrate the victories that I have enjoyed. I write about what makes me happy and what makes me sad. I write about my pain and articulate the lessons I’ve learned from what wounded me in the past. There’s something magical about pouring my heart out onto a crisp, white page every morning. It’s almost as if I get to recreate my life every single day and pour out my vision of my ideal life out onto the canvas of reality every time the sun comes up. It’s pretty incredible to know that every new day brings with it the opportunity to begin a whole new life.”
 How true these lines stand. I had the deepest touch and absorbing experience when I was going through it. I started getting the pictures of my posts in the blog and I have grown up with it as a human being, as a brother, as a friend, as a lover and as a blogger. Every new post in my blog has its own reasons and lessons related to my life which were in many beautiful ways a new experience and blessings in life. With the every word I go on, and after every paragraph I finish, there are some deep conscious thoughts within me questioning the very paragraph’s truth. The whole thought process and the journey at the end of the post have so far been fruitful and refreshing.  There can be nothing so educative and self realizing than journaling.
The author continues writing on journaling as the very act of releasing the worries that have cluttered his mind and arrive at profound insights that enrich his days. Journaling makes him a clearer thinker and allows one to converse with self and thus build a greater self-awareness and create more self-knowledge. It also allows one to capture the ideas and record them for the review later in life. I am sure anyone of you reading this post of mine in so many ways finds these thoughts of the author so much true with contents in your blog, diaries and notes. The way you felt irritated about missing the opportunity and ending your post feeling how you should prepare yourself to try better next time, the thought with which you started writing on the whole gush of energy on certain thing you know a little and reaching at the end with whole new things you did not know about. It allows you to start learning on things you don’t know, it allows you to contemplate deeper on things you are interested in knowing. The self awareness and self knowledge makes you wiser and a knowledgeable person in your own way.
How does one start journaling? And what should one write in it? Does it matter whether other cares to understand what you wrote? Well, one can start writing whatever comes in mind. It doesn’t matter whether one has anything so interesting to write or not, it’s after all one writes for oneself if not for others. And with the whole journey, one can be conscious of readers around and stuffs one can write in a better way. The precise and clearer articulation comes with time and experience. And in today’s age with more people actively involved in social forums like blogs, it’s easy to get in contact with many bloggers and writers from whom the learning experience becomes more complete. The exchange of ideas and experiences, wisdom and cultures, life and works comes in a very easy way. It’s accessible and debatable. Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself and know that everything in life has a purpose, quoted Elisabeth Kubler
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  1. Very true Sogyel. I didnt read such thought provoking contents by any authors by chance but you shared here one such insight of journaling the daily activities. I didnt keep a diary, nor did I wrote any notes in the past so I never have such concrete evidences of what actually I have experienced in the journey of life but since the day I started blogging, I recollected few past experiences, wrote some daily customary, and even scribbled few future hopes. As such as you have stated, it keeps me reminding about the good and bad acts of mine as well as teaches me a lot.
    Thanks for sharing here, the abstract from the authors book.

  2. cool...bro...:)...thanks for visiting....ya,,,it indeed is very good learning experience that comes with blogging or writing....and i have been so lucky to get few friends like you who is also interested in writing...lets hope we keep our passion for writing alive ...

  3. Good article. Writing a journal is a good way to get to know yourself, solve your problems, lower your stress level, and balance your self. It has been an invaluable tool in my own personal development.

  4. Hey Bro, Sogyel. I noticed your blog update a long time back but couldn't go through it though I really wanted to as I was quite busy. So I went through it today and it is really a good and refreshing post to read. And more than that an exact portrayal of what writing is like if we are really interested in it. Journaling life can be the most enjoyable and fruitful work we would say we have done as we turn and look back from few years down the line of this ever passing time of life. Keep posting bro. And I must not forget to appreciate and offer thanks for your initiative to have started a Group for the bloggers on Facebook. It is a really commendable job. I really appreciate it. The benefits and reading culture it has promoted among the bloggers and happily the other Facebook users are beyond doubt to be need any kind of proof. We all can see with our own eyes how useful it is. Cheers!!! Sonam, Do keep posting and inspire people to read :)

  5. @Larry..thanks for visiting my blog...and i agree with you that writing is invaluable experience in one's life...and like yours..its been for me as well.....

    @Langa....its okie bro...blogyul is all there because of you all...keep posting in the group..we have so much to go ahead..:0