Saturday, May 14, 2011

School Experience; Clubbed in Literary Club to Current Affairs’ Day

In the schools to exercise certain varieties of co-curricular activities and creative studies which are not necessarily in the school texts, clubs get formed through certain number of enthusiastic students and a teacher or two. History has it that, clubs in schools were first started in Sacramento High School in California, in May of 1925 by their school administrator. Clubs in schools ranged from home science to literary, scouting to nature, agriculture to culture, etc.
In my entire life in school, I was a part of only three clubs. My first club, literary club which I continued being in till I finished my class tenth. It began as something that I liked because we would be seated in library for an hour or less once in a week after the school, and gradually the love for English started to grow bigger, and hence there was no looking on other pastures around. In Yebilaptsa, after I got myself transferred to a new school from Wangduecholing lower secondary school, I joined literary club and we enjoyed hell lot. I started maintaining the scrape-book where I would collect articles and sometimes write my own. And in class ten, I was appointed as the literary captain and there I had the opportunity to get in touch with computer, a whole new experience to actually type out the magazine compiled by the articles submitted by members. They were sold amongst students, and the money we made was used for buying handkerchiefs which we donated to the hospital patients. It was something for which I still feel blessed and happy.

Then came, high school, in Zhemgang for some unknown reasons, I didn’t join the literary club. It was Current Affairs Club instead. History was full of people in the assembly making the news interesting by shouting news from far distance at the introduction of headlines by the main reporter just because he was a correspondent from some far place. Somehow, people always enjoyed the particular day where news were read instead of speeches. Although I never had so much a good opportunity than once during class 11, I had another chance when I was in class twelve. I changed my club for Physics so that I could study something related to my academic interest which would ultimately help me giving more time to study. However, sometimes people came out to speak as guest reporter and I subsequently had a chance. The day before, there was a preliminary singing round in the school organized by the District Administration. Ten boys and ten females were selected for the final round which was scheduled for the following weekend.
I started the news with international, national and the local news. To make things interesting, I called one of the singing finalists, who happened to be from my village, in the assembly and started interviewing him.
“Well, Karma, you are in final ten. What are your hopes of coming as winner?”
After a pause, in a lower tone, he tells me in our local dialect that he won’t be able to answer in English, and before I could tell him anything, he answered in Dzongkha.
Aang dhang pa dhang aang nyipa mathob dhe baerung, sumpa dhe thob se now mae (Not sure about winning, but definitely hoping to come in third position.” It wasn’t long before everyone in the assembly laughed. I didn’t know what to do and what to ask, but somehow, I ended up asking him remaining questions in Dzongkha.
Well all that I wondered in that morning was if half of the school assumed it to be intentional?  And you know what; Karma didn’t really come third, but surely did well in the competition.
These experiences today are all over me and are my fond memories of school.


  1. I like your blog presentation and of course your writing. :). Maybe we should form a literary club.

  2. Thank you....:)....we can think of....someday......but we kind of have such group in facebook.... can join the group...

  3. Thanks. Its an interesting group and am amazed there are lot of creative bloggers. :)