Sunday, March 20, 2011

Two monks and a beautiful woman

Just like some of the best stories full of morals and wisdom are written by so many anonymous wise men, this following story that I am going to tell you guys, falls under the same category (i am not sure, but i find it this way). The story however is rooted to being a famous Buddhist story of two monks and a woman. And it triggers some thoughts after we read it, I bet.

 There were these two monks who went on journey. Their journey met with a beautiful woman waiting to be helped put across the river. “Could two of you help me get to the other side of the river? You see, river is too rapid.”
Monks look at each other in bewilderment. As Buddhist monks, they have taken a sacred vow to not so much even touch a woman, let alone be tempted by the beauty of the woman. It should be understood that in ancient times, monks are frowned upon if they even touch opposite sex to an extent that they are forbidden to have any contact.
Suddenly, one of the monks, picked her up, carried her and dropped her at the other bank of the river while other monk stood in absolute bafflement. He couldn’t be more stunned than this act by his compatriot.
They continued their journey without speaking a word. An hour went by, two hours passed, three hours and finally the other monk couldn’t hold his curiosity.
“How could have done that? How could you have even touched her? How could you do something of a sort which is against the sacred vows of our practice?”
And the other monk replied, “Are you still carrying her? I thought we left her four hours ago?”
How many of us are still carrying so many thoughts along with us? Human beings  can either entertain thoughts or discard them, but many still hold into it. Like other monk in the story, how many worries, negative thoughts, low energy, and pre-conditioned thoughts we carry within us? Life is precious to  live without pretension and stern disciplines. What do you think? Do you guys also have thoughts like that of other monk dragging and wearing you down? If you do, it’s time to dump them and look for clean conscience and enjoy going ahead in life.


  1. what a beautiful story , i love the moral in it. its the best practice to leave behind the negative thoughts and move on, for a successful life.

  2. Thank you...yeah.....the moral about the story is indeed good..:)

  3. At times I need these kind of stories as I cling on to my past a lot and get frustrated....This stories definitely tell us that we can't escape our past or no point in clinging to it either...Nice story with nice moral

    Thank you

  4. I've heard this before, but it's always a good reminder. Empty your cup.

  5. @Anu....thank you..and yeah agree with you, we should let the past rest and move ahead..thans for visiting my blog..

    @Justin, yeah..this story is so good...i wanted to share with people here so that one could get something our of this story (if i am not wrong..)...thanx for visiting my blog..:)

  6. Wow! Another beautiful post Sogyel..Food for Thought must say...definitely it trickles one's heart (mine for sure). Thanx!!!!!


  7. thank you Rekha.....ur words are so motivating and kind..:)

  8. it's called it hypocrisy sogyel :P... hmmm...

    really nice story and a good one for sharing :P