Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blogyul-Blogging Bhutan

Its been quite a few months since we started this group. It all happened in some random manner. I have few of my friends, international bloggers who have created the pages in facebook to gather around the bloggers and discuss things openly. It wasn’t long before the same thought clicked my mind about having a page in facebook where I could try to bring out the bloggers and writers from Bhutan together, and like most of the people around the world, Bhutan has also many people in facebook and of all, bloggers and writers in facebook is not a wrong thing to assume. Facebook made it easier lot.
And within a few days only, there were more than a hundred members. It was a quick century. And now we have more than 150 members comprising of writers, bloggers, poets, artists, journalists and many more who share one common interest.
Thanks to the imitations by Business Bhutan and Dorji Wangchuk sir, Blogyul had gatherings in two occasions so far.
We are three of us who moderate the group. Thanks to Leythro for accepting my proposal of helping me in moderating the group. And finally we have Jurmi Chowang Sir who has been so courteous enough to provide a column in The Journalist and print out any articles weekly from our group. So guys, if you buy The Journalist, please do not forget to check out the column under the name: BLOGYUL.
Our first and foremost idea is to clearly define the dimension of the blogosphere created by Bhutanese writers and bloggers. We would like to bring out all possible blogs we know about into a light so that everyone can try follow eachother and learn collectively. We do that by bringing out at least a blog on our page by calling it BLOG-OF-THE-DAY and further we have also POST-OF-THE-DAY where we bring out at least a post from our bloggers. We also bring out some articles by other international bloggers and call it as GuestPost-of-The-Day. Apart from that, we encourage our members to share their latest posts or even the best post that they think they have in their blog(s).
We have plans and dreams to make it bigger, and encouraging with time. And to make it happen, we need your contributions through actively if not at least making an effort to share your posts with us and encourage others through dropping on their blogs to keep some encouraging comments.
P.S: If you guys have any suggestions and ideas to make our group better and encouraging, please do share with us.


  1. Dear Sogyal and Jurmi,

    Thank you so much for publishing my short story about the old man in Blogyul. It gave me enormous pleasure to see my name printed on your esteemed newspaper.
    i find the logo of the dragon very auspicious. As a superstitious man, I would like to believe that this surely heralds the success of Blogyul in contributing towards the encouragement and promotion of the literary medium in Bhutan.
    In the 90s, Bhutan saw the revolution of audio cassette productions of modern Bhutanese songs, between 2003 - present, we are seeing a revolution in our Bhutanese film industries, from 2011 - , let's work collectively to contribute whatever small way we can towards the promotion of literature, writing and the love for reading.
    Thank you for the noble initiative and best of luck!

  2. You are welcome Lingchen...and i think your story was brilliant and enjoyable....and you should be so thank ful to Jurmi Sir..he's done lot for the group and i am thankful for him.....and we would request you to keep on going....keep on writing beautiful stories,,,:)

  3. What a great idea, Sogyel to have all Bhutan Bloggers under one roof in a Facebook page. Its a awesome way of giving each blogger visibility and forging connections. And The Journalist is a wonderful publication. I am honoured that they carried one of my posts in it. Thank you, Sogyel. Looking forward to reading more of your lovely posts.