Saturday, December 18, 2010

A story of a same wine in different cups

Often many are intrigued with the beauty of the surrounding of one than a person one is inside. Even in the things of same inner depth and quality, often the character which draws a higher degree of differences is due to one’s status and one’s external beauties. There’s so much a little difference on the fact that whether one is beautiful wearing a most elegant face in the world or the one is a daughter of a poorest beggar that the real beauty of a beauty is a soul which resides inside the beauty. This small incident of which I really don’t know whether its root can be accountable true or not, but the message that it claims to give away is something that I really admired.
Two body guards were entrusted with a duty of a beautiful landlady. She was married, though, but the beauty that she wore was blissful and her euphemism   ensnared anyone out of their normal self. She was the height of beauty, one of the living epitomes of how a mankind can be so lovely and superficially gorgeous. The elegance made these soldiers go crazy.
“God, she is so beautiful.”
“Ya man, she is really beautiful. I had a chance to see her half naked last time when she was taking shower”, the guards shared discreetly at the gates.
The human tendency of competing towards the best attention and a reward from a person whom one is serving, these two men fell into the qualm of jealousy and foolishness. The other guard reported to a landlady about the one of them having seen her half naked and wanting to go to bed with her.
The accused was called while an informer was sent out. The former was afraid of losing his job because of his casual and careless talks about the landlady.
“Do you drink?” the voice however sounded fearing than sweeter.
“Yes, madam”, he was shy, though.
She offered him a local brewed wine in a cup that was adorned with golden threads. He gladly drank it, and then he was offered the same wine in an ordinary metal cup.
“How does it taste?” she asked him after he finish drinking the wine.
Well, though, the content here could well be little unclean, the message was clear and loud. How many of us in the world are like that soldier forgetting that it’s the inner soul that which matters, not the external expressions and beautiful attires?
The different types of a cup won’t make a same wine taste anything better or less, it remains same.


  1. I agree, the beauty within is the one thing we should aspire to the most. it is a joy to see and no gold or silver on earth is worth more than it.

  2. Thanks Isabel...yeah often we are so much plague by an external stuffs...and this story reflects how men are fooled by their own plight and greed..