Friday, December 24, 2010

I ain't a writer, but it doesn't stop me from writing

I am all done with exams and juries. It’s like I am almost into final year of my architecture course. Except for the dissertation which I need to submit at the end of the February, I don’t need to attend the classes until the first semester of my final year. And after the end of the jury for dissertation, my training for next five months starts. It will be full of fun and adventures making myself involved into the profession…..:)
But until then, I would be sitting at leisure except when I Google out and edit the verses in my research book. So basically I have lots of time to do so many things which would keep me engrossed and contained to.  But one most common activity or a thing into which I would be sticking myself on will be blogging (hmm…sounds so crazy with not many good entries so far in the blog and yet trying to shed out some more craps out of the empty vassal? Well for that, blame my passion for writing!). You know what? It never lets me put a break. I am not a kind of person who says myself that, you got to be kidding writing all these stuffs which doesn’t makes any sense and if it at all it does, it can’t be related to anyone in any god damn way. I like keeping myself running as if there is no end to the mile. Why should it be bothered so much when you know that after all it’s about how you learn to keep on trying and aspiring to live the things you dream of, no matter how bad it goes, you got to keep yourself doing things you like if not for others but for yourself. Yeah, if I can remember, I have read my own entries more than a dozen times. And I know these are always the ones I believed so much and took my valuable hours to keep on record.
But one thing is so obvious about this undying flame of desire to put things penned down, and that is- it’s not easy to write something useful; you can’t call yourself a writer with few pages you write. The pages without many stimulating things and without beautiful things to come up with, it doesn’t keep the flame undying anymore, it rather belittles the enthusiasm and even cheats folks who visit my writings expecting something beautiful. Poor language and a thin depth of content, it surely doesn't make one to wonder, but a giggle.The sheer lack of proficiency overrides the zeal. But I still prefer letting the path grow bigger no matter how barren it is left, there’s still a hitting road ahead. When the age defy me the physical virtuosity of life and muscle, I would come back once again to these worlds which I have frozen up in my own way, certainly in a way I like the most. It would then be considered worth to have kept the lines of life well tracked down. Someone said, if you think there’s no book which you like to read written, then you have to write it. And I believe, everyone’s tale is something unique to share with others.
The fright of not being able to get into it with what others like to call it-a good writing, or what readers like to read, it shouldn’t stop someone from writing. The literary attires are needed though to dress your thoughts and ideas, but most men are born naked. We all learn through time and through practice. Hopefully, I would be able to one day come out in a fashion everyone gets something to read from it.
I spent so many hours reading other’s work as well. It makes me realize how much I need to learn, and it drives me crazy to think that by the time I am able to write something so informative and beautiful, I would have learnt about so many things. It will be worth a journey.  
So folks, bear it or not, I am coming with many more craps beautiful writings.

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  1. How I love this line: I ain't a writer, but it doesn't stop me from writing! ...Keep writing sogyal, you have the power!