Thursday, October 7, 2010

Life is built on memories- I

The past is never dead, it is not even past.  ~William Faulkner.

Things are not easy to be left forgotten because they make something called memory, we remember those moments in the past which make the part of our life. It defines our un-passed past. Life never ceases to be left undone. It comes along with us. Sometimes its harsh things which are yet sweet to remember, while it’s the good hours that may make it to be cherishing. It’s all about memories and it’s all about life being made bigger with these small moments of life from the diary of oneself.

According to science, in simple sentence it is called as an ability of an organism to store, retain, and recall information and experiences. And going even further with boon of science making its great impact on the world, computers function with certain memory and storage. Human experiences comprise our memories. Some bad and good ones are saved and remain through the ages. Bad ones take our time, and all that left is to suffer so many times for same reason. Bad files take unwanted space. On the other hand, good ones always bring the smile on our face. It makes us relive the moment that went by through certain cherishing things, thus building another memory. Good files are always worth to share with people. It makes everyone contented.

Experiences and memories go hand in hand. They finally submit to the ultimate one-life. Experiences build memories which in turn build life. Dreams those one experiences becomes ones to look up many times and cherish the experience. Some crashes down leaving us with painful memory. Yet still, people in adversity actually learn a lot than others who didn’t had much of hard lives. There is always wisdom and substance in our memory. The diary can comprise of so many experiences. The unlimited memory of human brain can’t really be filled to the end. There are many and so many. It’s ceaseless just like life.

Memories are constructed through experiences and an every second of our life can produce another experience. It builds wisdom. It may be regret or another mistake. It may be a love or a journey. But it comprises your memory. Bad or good, memories have become part of our life. It connects with people once we knew. It gets us there to the place once we lived on. We bring us the undying sense of joy of remembering the kind of ourselves in that very old situation of life which didn’t become an old memory though age has wrinkled our flesh. Memories remain alive of those who are buried; memories remain within us of those who left and memories keep us together with of those we loved.

As I end here, I hope every one of you there has lot to cherish and remember. How bad it is, or how good it is, memories are what keep you moving, learning, and experiencing. It can never be a separated part of you.

Things that were hard to bear are sweet to remember. ~Seneca


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