Friday, July 30, 2010

World was a witness to my birth

Nothing amusing and nothing fabricated. Nothing ordinary but nothing extraordinary as well. Nothing plain and nothing unusual. Something’s in life claim so much happiness and happenings from the part of our life, and it becomes sometimes the major part of our life. I could not though remember all to detail out here and present it rather dull without any writing flavor. Okie, keeping it not so shifted anymore, I declare it as all about my birth. The life is a journey, it’s not a destiny. If not many, all people know it and experience the jinx of the phrase sometime in life. It’s inevitable; something’s true about life, then you will never leave it unturned. Life teaches many, I bet. My life began with a journey.  I was born in a public passenger bus. Sounds interesting, huh? Things are so uncertain. Surprises come in many forms, I actually surprised many people around I guess. Dad was away for some weeks in Mongar, and mom was all alone. During her last days of pregnancy, maternal parents made her travel to our village in Zhemgang.
It so happened that the wayfarers were all good.
I owe them a life. Things could have turned out so ugly if a pregnant woman was to leave the bus and make her way to the nearest health unit. It could have turned so ugly if my mom was left with her parents to deal with the pain and a baby. They tended, washed and clothed the baby. Life must have been so unknown and difficult though for me who was just born. But then I guess, for the fact that many are attracted towards the infant, those people must have felt pity to leave alone the baby and the helpless mother. Today I feel I was lucky that many if not all the people in the bus helped me become a boy from a baby. I could breathe a life today, and it’s all because I was born in that bus. What could have happened? The bus could have been stopped; women in the bus started helping my mother and me while men in the bus gathered outside and prepared some hot water to clean the mother and the baby. God, I must have been a angry word of a drunkard man, ailing breathe of a person sick from a bus journey, and angry words of a person who wish to reach faster at his place. The delay I must have caused would have cost so much more to so many. But nevertheless, I still am indebted to many, and I thank them.
Life was cruel, but then its helpless sometimes, I was wrapped in a rags and could get few proper clothes only when bus reached Tingtibi, and it was some 100kilometres from the place I was born. My uncle was working in a meteorology department, and he gave my mother a proper food. The baby who was inside my late grandfather’s gho has almost frozen to dead. My life was protected, and tended back by my grandfather. He was a hero in my life. The man had so many problems and the boy behind that entire nuisance was no other than me. I grew up with under his groom. I remember my uncle saying me once that even if I gift my grandpa an elephant, it would not be enough for all the things he did for me. He was all there since I was born.
Life is a journey, my journey still continues. I hope to find the destiny.


  1. sometimes.....unusual happens in life....

  2. I can seriously picture the event...but with a smile. Boy, you were sth...made everyone laugh and cry equally...Nice one.

    Keep continuing your journey....

  3. wow...nice 1...luvd it....