Sunday, September 23, 2012

Charlie Chaplin story

Let me share this wonderful parable told me by my friend, Navin Rai when we were together in college. It kind of shows how world is filled with wrong judgments made intentionally by few people fueled by pretext of acquaintances, family relationship and misuse of power and whether the ignorance and quality of the jurors also attributes the birth of such judgments which goes on to create the series of effects on the world is left to the judgment of my readers. 
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Charlie Chaplin, the famous man who we know for the laughter and comedy told through the pure silence once disguised and participated in a “Charlie Chaplin Look-alike” competition. Now for my readers, who are not aware of such competition, then allow me to enlighten you with what it meant by ‘look-alike’. You see, there are many of us who look like certain celebrities, and we are sometimes famously called by their names as well. So our Charlie here went to participate in one such competition where people who looked like him were competing for the title of a person who looks like him.
Funny enough, the result was astonishing. Charlie Chaplin stood third the “Charlie Chaplin Look-A-Like” competition.
Whether he disguised so much so that he completely looked different or whether like it happens in many places much to the dismay of an honest winner, or the jurors were corrupted, one can draw one’s own conclusion, but the message was so clear.
World is filled with many such wrong judgments. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

And the life has begun...

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End of anything is always succeeded by the beginning of another.
Like a boy joyously entering the manhood, I can safely assume that my manhood has begun. And before all of you jump into drawing your part of remarks regarding my statement, let me make it clear of what I meant by manhood. In a clear concise, it’s my life outside the school walls. It’s a life where I have to set a goal in life to do something and make finally a life of my own, you know with all things like enough amount of wealth to lead life sufficiently, a good responsibility towards serving parents, relatives and the government, and of course a beautiful wife to settle down and have loads of kids.
 I believe in everyone’s life, there comes a time, where we have to deal with thing, a kind of road-not-taken which we assures ourselves with even though we really don’t have a clear picture of what’s awaiting us at the end of the cross road. I have had mine and I think it’s safe for me to assume that it’s the right decision I have taken in my life. I don’t know where it will lead me, but by not trying to sit for government civil service exam and by committing myself in a private sector, I like to believe that it was right for me to have forsaken the advices of parents and senior friends and tread along the path and let life sail smoothly.
Life so far for me has been me trying to fit into someone’s system, heed to someone’s order and repeat someone’s history. I have had nothing of myself so far in reaching at this level. And I feel all those involved in making me what I am today has indeed done an incredible job. However, after completing the five years of college life, as if for a change in the way I want my life to be, I took a chance and I shall take it further, and hopefully live my life fully.
Today I am thrilled with the fact that after all those years of getting amazed with architects and their wonderful creations, I am here trying to make myself a part of my own history so that someday  I would be able to tell the tale of my life.