Friday, March 6, 2009

The crown awaits the King.

When sheer ignorance and egos intoxicated the tyrant leaders; when men dared to tread over the curls of cloud to reach the horizon of their absolute greed; when people suffered with the craze for power than the bread; when an absurdity and an unquenched fear for sword spoke more languages than the peaceful societies; when bloodsheds drenched the battlefields more than the unfailing armies and when tiny kinglets in the pretext of defending their tiny kingdoms repressed the subjects, thereby at the most becoming an arsenal of military hardware though unwittingly and turning the land that was flourishing the doctrines of Great tantric master Guru Rinpoche into a soil of turmoil, like a radiating beam of rays from the yellowed halo, as if destined to rule the whole worldthe boy was born, in fact a noble-born: and sure enough he was undoubtedly able to shed the light of justice and the bear the fruit of kingly love towards his faithful citizens. His sphere of influence had glorious blossoms all around that Bhutan had had him unanimously crowned as the first hereditary King of Bhutan. Sir Ugyen Wangchuk was enthroned in Punakha Dzong in 1907, and was monarchy born in strewed nation. Bhutan and Bhutanese were ever since able to cherish the sweetest fruit of bliss under the fatherly leadership of revered Wangchuk dynastry. With greatest reverence we entitle them “The Druk G

Not all the sounds produce echoes so instantly

Life has always been a big damn adventure to any individual. People experience hell lot things which may or may not have produced the effectual changes in him but truly occurs to have stuck him to make him ready for the change. Individuals have realized that making adventure of adventurous life is one such god damn mystery. Never knows what’s behind the wall. Yet still man experiences the highest glory as he march towards the growth of life of being human with sometimes greatest obstacles of life or sometimes with the slightest joy of getting blessed. Yet still, life has no meaning and most un-divine human beings have not been able to define the life for life stages you more of more and less of less. Is it more of more or less of less that governs the meaning of undefined life, question to me remained unanswered for quite a time?

My life has had more of everything which would have occurred to any sad person, right from being born in public bus to meeting with accidents in such infant age and considering the misinterpreted friendship so much important in life and god damn frivolities which produced nothing but were only vacant. I don’t really know if life has more of similar things. I can only wish that I don’t like to stand quaking before district magistrate for having caused the accident and don’t want to get myself screwed up in the messy rotten bicycle and ending up as almost handicap. I really don’t want to stage the unrehearsed drama of life anymore, though I am well aware that it’s yet again impossible to wish impossibility of such things in life. Radius of happening, be it a good fortune or a bad curse, in my case has always been more than anyone I knew and anyone I know in my life. These things have had my individuality got transformed to some unhappy character. Honestly, try kicking my ass or even try pulling my leg; you are into the realm of my ozone layer. It’s too far that you may tell me sorry or apologies or even try leaving me on my own self of being not able to keep myself controlled of my emotion, I always feel people has lost the sense of humor with jesting seriously around me. Jokes are never meant to hurt others. I don’t but blame anyone, for I know deep down the skin of the talk, there’s always a softest corner of him or her who tries jesting with me. I truly lack my friend’s philosophical idea of difference in same statement brought about by the tone; I have had little experimentation of such things. I am democratic; too much to such a level that I feel nobody has a complete right to verdict me fully. But I always keeps myself conforming that life is beautiful, it would one day or the other day come in such a refine form in which I would from any angle see but a beautiful things in life. It would be blessing, I always affirm myself.

Life is much of others as much as ours. That’s the saddest thing I find about life. No man can live individually. And when man depends on other, former sometimes gets much more affected; it’s something that life shouldn’t have been. People want to have different things; all not matching with eachother’s dream. Dreams are pursued, other people are gone. It’s sad, in fact very sad to feel that life owes too much to others as well. Why shouldn’t man be allowed to live pursuing his own choice? Why should someone still bother so much about people whom they considered once to be but a hilarious creature of fun and stupidity? Why should someone go in trying to make other’s life more miserable? Why should people not care much about one’s emotion? Is desire and selfishness more counting that a friend and friendship? Man loses respect, he loses all. There is no such a thing about man which could cost him so much in his life more than losing a respect from his friends as a friend, from his fellow human beings as a human being, and from his own as himself. I lost vigor to live in pursuit of what I thought as very much important in life. I was ready to turn blind eyes to self disgracing act by others to show me low, I was ready to turn deaf ears to disgusting noises of infidelity by someone on whom I bestowed but my entire zeal to live life, and I was ready to be dumb to the questions of embarrassing acts staged by the one whom I considered above life and death.

It was never intended that I may but fall victim to time and things would get healed however. It was almost for a year that I lost to the unreal world of baseless worry. And now I feel it is too bullshit to consider such things in life so serious. I feel world has not overlooked me but I oversaw the world. But It was like always and it was only me who felt that way. And well about all those infidelity, disgracing, and embarrassing acts, I console myself with the thought that it has but done more on the performer than me. But sometimes I feel sorry and feel bit guilty for all those things. Life would always been different for anyone one of us had we didn’t meet in the first place. Well it’s a life, just as I wrote in the first paragraph, its mysterious, never knows what lies behind the wall. Well anyone who comes across this piece of article wrote with many more mistakes of understanding the life (I apologies if it is so), always remember that SHIT HAPPENS (a dialogue from a movie “FORREST GUMP”), and life always continues with whatever we feel about it.